Syntropic Farms design and implement agricultural systems based on the teachings of Ernst Gotsch.

Syntropic Farms Co. principally work with designing and implementation of Syntropic systems for reforestation, large scale orchids, mechanised systems, market gardens, home gardens and increased productivity all round.

Based on the teachings of Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss-Brazilian who over the last 30 years has developed a method of farming that produces an abundance of agricultural crops and regenerates degraded ecosystems.

The word ‘Syntropy’ in an agroforestry concept which refers to “increasing complexity” or bio-diversity within the system.

Syntropic Farming is an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture which allows us to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity. By understanding and respecting nature's complex system, Syntropic Farming imitates the natural regeneration of forests and provides a harmonious integration of our food production systems.

Syntropic farming is a system that produces its own organic matter through the practice of pruning, which continually increases resources while boosting root activity and encouraging a higher rate of photosynthesis. This results are abundant systems which produce healthy soils, profitable harvests, sequester carbon, regenerate the ecosystem and do not require long term external inputs.

The result is an adaptive, biodiverse and economically feasible method of agroforestry which provides beneficial changes in the microclimate, supporting global moves that can reverse climate change, turn around land degradation and repair damaged ecosystems.